Let me start off by saying dragons aren't real. But what if they were not just folklore and there were real fire-breathing animals that thrives on treasures? Not a comforting thought at all, but we're playing the land of "what ifs" right now.

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I am a sucker for medieval movies. Even more so if there happens to be a dragon involved. A lot of people are huge fans of the series Game of Thrones and the new spinoff, House of the Dragon. With shows like these, it all makes us think even more about what would happen if there was a full-on dragon invasion in our state.

Photo by Alyzah K on Unsplash
Photo by Alyzah K on Unsplash

Shane Co. Yep. That Shane Co., your friend in the jewelry business, even thought about it and came up with a ranking of the worst places to be during a dragon invasion. Great places if you are a dragon, however.

Both Denver and Colorado Springs made it onto the top 10 list of best places to be if you are a dragon. These rankings are based on factors. Here are a few to mull over:

  • Elevation
  • Number of fire departments per capita
  • Population density
  • Highest peak by state
  • Jewelry stores
  • Pawn shops
  • Number of cattle per capita
  • Number of military bases by state

Those are just a few of the many factors that came into play for a dragon invasion. Colorado Springs ranked the 10th worst place to live during a dragon invasion. Denver, Colorado ranked even higher at number seven.

Where would the worst place to live be in the United States during a dragon invasion?

Our neighbors to the south in New Mexico would be a haven for fire-breathing, flying lizards. Albuquerque takes the number one spot as the worst place to live during a dragon invasion.

The best places to live during a dragon invasion

It appears that being a dragon in the eastern midwest and the eastern seaboard is a terrible place to be if you were a dragon. Not so bad if you are a human though. Especially if you live in Indianapolis, Indiana as this ranks as the absolute worst city to invade if you were a dragon.

Want to see more places that are the best and the worst for dragon invasions in the United States? See the full map at Shane Co.

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