After four decades in Denver, one of the most-popular used car dealers has stopped operation. Their commercials were legendary.

The company started out in 1982, and moved to the location everyone knew them for in 1992. Here we are, 30 years after that, that we find they've closed those doors on Federal Boulevard.

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With one name you knew what used car dealership was being talked about. That name, "Shagman." Shagman, Officer Odell (Stroud), and Audra (Winn) were the stars of the many "cheesy" commercials that Rocky's aired over the years, with Ron Vigil as "Shagman."

According to a Denver Post article from 2001, Rocky's had a $100,000 advertising budget for radio and televisions ads, at that time. Back then, they were selling 500 cars a month, too. That's why their commercials weren't great, but they were on a lot.

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Here's one from Rocky's Autos, "Hells Grill," touting the free hot dogs you could always find at Rocky's on Saturdays:

Vigil, who graduated from University of Colorado in 1998, posted on Facebook that Rocky's had closed, and that he was honored to have been a part of the empire:

Many commenters had noticed that there were less and less cars at the dealership over the last couple of years, and how the trio from the commercials will be missed:

You guys were icons. Symbols of Denver's quirky side. Thanks for the laughs.


I’ll never forget the day October 16th, 2014 I went in with my dad to get my first car a 2011 Chevy Cruze and the Shagman was there and sat down a talked with us, signed a couple hats & come to find out that all the schools he went to years back I went to the same schools as well, very professional & personable place, hate to see it go, but such an amazing experience going there & I’ll remember it forever!


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