Visiting the Denver Zoo in Colorado is an incredible experience for both adults and children and there are even opportunities to visit for free!

Each year the Denver Zoo allows free admission on a few special days, but gaining entry on the free days has changed a bit.

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History of the Denver Zoo

The history of the Denver Zoo begins with the tale of an orphaned black bear who needed a home back in 1896.

That bear was named Billy Bryan and was actually gifted to the Mayor of Denver, Thomas S. McMurry.

Billy Bryan was placed in a cage in the city park and a park employee by the name of Alfred Hill was designated as Billy's caretaker.

Eventually, Hill actually became Denver Zoo’s first keeper and superintendent. Now 126 years later, the Denver Zoo is one of Colorado's most popular attractions.

Denver Zoo Free Admission Days in 2022

The Denver Zoo announced 7 free days to visit this year:

  • Friday, January 7
  • Saturday, January 22
  • Sunday, February 6
  • Sunday, April 10
  • Saturday, October 8
  • Tuesday, November 1
  • Sunday, November 13

In the past, when free days were announced, guests simply arrived at the Denver Zoo and were granted admission. Things have changed since then, and now there's a new way to gain admission to the Denver Zoo during the free days of 2022.

How to Visit the Denver Zoo for Free in 2022

In order to visit the Denver Zoo in 2022 during the free days listed above, you must enter the Denver Zoo Free Day Lottery. There will be a 5 day registration period to enter the lottery.

Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo

Guests are eligible to register to win up to 5 free tickets. Winners will be notified by email and must follow the directions in the email to reserve their tickets. The tickets issued will have a timed entry, and the vouchers and tickets for the Denver Zoo free days are available online only.

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