Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Denver Zoo was forced to close for nearly three months earlier this year. The zoo reopened safely in mid-June after imposing restrictions on crowd sizes and implementing additional health & safety restrictions.

The zoo's closure and newly imposed health restrictions have, however, affected the lives of 3,000 inhabitants of the Denver Zoo who must be fed every single day.

The Denver Zoo's food budget has been cut drastically due to limiting crowds, which has refrained the zoo from generating its typical revenue.

Now, the zoo is turning to its supporters, asking for donations to cover the nearly $1 million annual food budget for the facility’s animals.

According to Bert Vescolani, the president and CEO of the Denver Zoo, it costs about $100,000 a day to operate the zoo, and $1 million per month on animal care alone.

You can donate and support the Denver Zoo by clicking here.

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Animals of the Denver Zoo

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