There's a new and very cute resident at the Denver Zoo. Let's also add the adjective "rare" as well to this new resident named "Winston".

Winston is a baby bongo calf who was born less than two weeks ago. Not too many people have seen him yet because he's been kept in his stall with his mama but he's running around bursting with energy ready to explore his new home.

I love Winston...he's so darn cute:

Zookeepers have stated that they will be introducing Winston to more of the zoo and for visitors to swing by and say hi as the weather warms up.

Personally, I've never heard of or seen one of these things in my life but my initial reaction to it is that I totally want to squeeze this adorable little creature and have one at home.

While that is obviously impossible, I am perfectly fine to settle for a visit to the zoo to see Winston in person and until then, admiring this little fella by watching this video.

YouTube/Denver Zoo


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