The story of Dobby the giraffe is an inspiring one, and our friends at the Denver Zoo are understandably celebrating in a big way.

According to the Denver Zoo, Dobby was born prematurely to an older mother, meaning he had to fight to survive from the get-go. He was only 73 pounds and five feet tall at birth, but he couldn't even stand. For context, the typical giraffe is about a foot taller and weighs around 116 pounds at birth.

Since his early struggles and thanks to the incredible work of the zoo's team of veterinarians, Dobby has grown up to be a beautiful and healthy giraffe...and he recently celebrated his fourth birthday in grand fashion.

Dobby is now a healthy, vibrant and beautiful 1,200-pound giraffe filled with personality and happiness. He has received countless birthday wishes for being so awesome.


The Denver Zoo is celebrating a milestone themselves. They've officially reached 125 years, and I have to say, through all of my travels and time spent in 6 different states, the Denver Zoo is my favorite. It's really a wonderful place and they have some exciting events going on to celebrate.

Before you visit, it's a good idea to check out some reminders to make sure your trip is as enjoyable, safe and memorable as possible.


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