If you've driven past the venue, or gone to a show at the Fillmore Auditorium recently, you may have noticed it's not quite the same as we remember it.

But, if you couldn't put your finger on just what about it was different, well here you go. This fall, the venue updated its Colfax marquee, modernizing it with LED screens and new lights. One year ago, it looked like this:

Today, it looks like this:

A marquee update isn't the only thing about the Fillmore that has changed recently. The weird bathroom-behind-the-stage situation has been fixed, according to 303 Magazine, as well as other long line issues. BUT still, the biggest change yet, in my opinion, is there are now tiers in the back of the auditorium where there used to just be stairs. The Fillmore was originally a roller rink, which is why it has the big open wood floor. It would be a dream to skate on a floor like that (as a skater, of course I feel that way), but if you were ever at a show in the back, it kinda sucked.

The Denver Post's The Know reported that these changes are happening as a revamp for the venue's 20th birthday. Read more about changes coming to the Fillmore and see photos here.

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