Colorado has had area codes since 1947; starting in 2022, they'll be adding another one to go along with Denver's 303, and 720.

It's hard to believe it was over 25 years ago that the Colorado Public Utilities Commission added the 970 area code for Northern Colorado in 1995; at the same time, they added 719 for the Colorado Springs area. It was in 1998 that they added the 719 area code to the Denver area.

According to The Denver Post, 983 will be the new area code for the Denver Metro area once they officially run out of phone numbers using the 720 area code, but will be available in mid- 2022.

You have to wonder how they get these numbers. Maybe when they acquired 719 in 1995 when they got 720, and they kept in their pocket until 1998.

Fort Collins and Northern Colorado use 970; I was curious, so I looked up the 971 area code. It's being used by the Portland, Oregon area. Interesting. Not fascinating, but interesting.

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We all know that Denver's growing with more and more people, hence more and more phone numbers needed. However, Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area are also growing. How long will it be until we have more than just 970?

I reached out to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission about when we might get an additional area code and received a reply from Rebecca Quintana:

...[970] is currently expected to exhaust during the 2nd quarter of 2028.

I asked her if she could tell me what the new area code will be after 970:

No, Colorado has no choice when it comes to number assignment. That is done by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator according to their policies.

I imagine Rebecca being really fun at parties.

Speaking of 970 and parties, it reminds me of my favorite beer in Northern Colorado: 970 IPA at Rock Bottom; it's a tasty one, I highly recommend it. I've sent many texts and made many calls while having a 970 from my 970 phone.

Get more on the 983 from The Denver Post HERE.

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