Would you vote to repeal the ban on pit bulls in Denver?

The ban on the breed was put to a vote in February, when the city council of Denver decided to allow the dogs to live in Denver again after three decades. However, mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the repeal just three short days later.

Now, animal rights activists want to bring the issue straight to the people. If the pit bull ban is repealed, according to 9News, dog owners would have to register their dog and provide:

  • Their name and the address where the dog will live.
  • Two emergency contacts.
  • An accurate description of the pit bull.
  • An annual fee.
  • Proof that the animal has been microchipped, obtained a rabies vaccination, and has been spayed or neutered.

Many dog lovers argue that the breed is unfairly discriminated against because of aggressive stereotypes, though Mayor Hancock argued for the protection of children from the animals in his initial veto. Where do you stand? Let us know in the comments.

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