Looking to have fun, while being nostalgic? How about a trek to see what they’ve done with the old Stapleton International Airport tower!

Stapleton Tower
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Over 20 years ago, Denver International Airport took over the helm from Stapleton International Airport. Developers turned Stapleton into housing and retail. The only item that didn’t get ‘razed’ was the old tower, off of what is now Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Central Park Boulevard.

A couple of years ago it was announced that Punch Bowl Social would be taking ownership of the tower and renovating it into one of their new locations, and they recently had their Grand Opening!

Punch Bowl Stapleton
Cory Cutting, TSM

I’ve been to the Punch Bowl Social in Downtown Denver- it’s very cool: It has a bar, a diner, an arcade and a bowling alley. The Stapleton location looks to be just about the same.

Punch Bowl Social will be using the Stapleton location as their headquarters on the top of the three original floors. They have locations all over the U.S. including Denver, Detroit, Austin, and Portland. They’re known for taking old buildings and repurposing them for FUN!

You should take a drive down south to check it out; it was a control tower for 66 years, now- it's a tower of good times! Plus, it’s easy to get to and there is a lot to do THERE and nearby at Northfield Stapleton! Keep in mind, you can’t go up the old Stapleton tower at Punch Bowl- that’s closed off to the public!

A Northern Colorado Punch Bowl Social would be great! What location could they renovate to make it happen?

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