The Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) has determined the mysterious drones that were plaguing eastern Colorado are not suspicious.

The task force that was formed to investigate the drones has scaled back after finding no incidents of criminal or illegal drone activity, according to The Coloradoan.��

The public became concerned after swarms of up to 30 six-foot-long drones were spotted in six counties around the end of December.

The drones were formed in a grid pattern, and officials did not know who they belonged to or where they were from.

Other drones were seen flying in a crisscross pattern over Evans on January 8. It is unclear if these drones were related to the other swarms or not.

After conducting an investigation, the CDPS determined that they received 90 reports of drone activity from November 23 to January 13.

Majority of these were determined to be hobbyist drones, and none of the drones exhibited illegal activity. Others were confirmed to be stars, planets, or commercial aircraft.

Authorities chalked up the frequency of the drone sightings to the fact that there are 24,000 registered drone pilots in Colorado.

However, none of the confirmed hobbyist drones matched the description of the 6-foot drones seen in the swarms.

Even though the CDPS is scaling back their investigation, they will continue to look into suspicious activity, and are reminding the public to follow Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines.

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