Just 10 miles out of Fort Collins, up the Poudre Canyon is a great little natural area that's been a spot for dates and family outings for years.

So, you want to get out and check out the Poudre River, but you don't want to go too far. Great news, you can enjoy the Poudre, for all sorts of activities, within 15 minutes of The Choice City.

We were talking in the offices of the radio station the other day about local spots to check out and I brought up "Picnic Rock." I was kind of surprised by how many staffers had not even heard of it, let alone been there to enjoy a day there.

I can't say I've been there a lot, but I have been up the Picnic Rock Natural Area a few times. It's an easy drive to take a date for, you know, a picnic. There are many other options for you to have fun there, though.

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According to PoudreHeritage.com, within the Upper and Lower Picnic Rock river area is the only part of the Cache la Poudre River where you'll find beginner level (Class I-III) whitewater. That would be a great way to get used to your new kayak, or just do some easy "floating" in your tubes.

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Fisherman go to the Picnic Rock area, as well as those up for a hike, or a climb. Always keep in mind, however, the level and strength of the river, and pay attention to alerts that say 'No River Access.'

A common review of Picnic Rock:

My favorite hang spot.
Place to grill.
Picnic tables. Dog friendly.
Clean restrooms.
Nice sized parking lot.
Plenty of spots to scope out the perfect chill space for you & your crew.

Get up there and enjoy what the Fort Collins area has to offer.

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