It's hard to walk, bike or drive around Loveland these days without seeing one of the city's painted transformer boxes. Loveland may be proud of them, but Fort Collins did it first.

The current list of painted transformers in Loveland, the "Transformations" pieces of art, stands at 72. There about three of them per square mile, according to the city. Without question, these works of art look much better than the standard "ARMY green" that they originally were.

With 72 boxes, and many different artists, you'll find a very wide variety of "transformations." Some eclectic (abstract art,) some clever (lineman working on a line,) some historical (the Great Western Railway.) A great way to spend a weekend would be to hunt down all 72 of the boxes.

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The program began in 2012, a full eight years after the City of Fort Collins began their "Transformer Cabinet Mural Program," the first of its kind in all of the U.S. I may be biased, but I think Loveland named theirs better. Fort Collins now has over 350 painted boxes; Loveland has a lot of work to do it they want to beat The Choice City.

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The question now is,

When will Loveland start putting painted pianos around town?

Fort Collins' "Pianos About Town" program has been around since 2010, with over 100 pianos about Fort Collins. I am one of many who enjoy stopping down to play some horrible music for a minute at them.

I think Loveland might collaborate with The Rialto and call theirs:

Loveland's Theater Keys


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