There seems to be another wild video floating around the internet that shows either life on Mars or the coolest rock you have ever seen.  Scientists say it's rock but you be the judge.

This is a 'still shot' from the Mars rover, Curiosity, of what appears to be, well, a cotton pickin' Mars rat taken in September of 2012.  Say what?  A rat on Mars?

Scientists actually say the 'creature' is only a rock but wow, talk about a dead ringer.

The conspiracy folks say that NASA is hiding the fact there is a Mars rodent on the red planted because if PETA knew, they'd blow a gasket.  I'm confused.  So we smuggled a rat up and let him loose?  And it's still alive?  Cool!

The only way to really tell I suppose is to send Curiosity back and see if the bugger is still there.  If it is, it's a rock, case closed.  My best guess, photo shopped.  What's YOUR best guess?

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