In today's latest "woah" moment, did you know that Oscar-nominated actor and director Jonah Hill has some NoCo roots?

I've recently become obsessed with Justin Long's positivity-based podcast, Life is Short With Justin Long. In a 2019 episode, he decideed to interview his longtime friend Jonah Hill, who was once also his roommate before becoming one of the biggest comedy stars in the world.

In the podcast, Hill talks about his experience with fat-shaming, his sister's meteoric rise in fame (Beanie Feldstein, star of Booksmart), and his short-lived time at CU Boulder.

"I went to Boulder for one semester," Hill says, describing how he ended up living with Long in the first place. "Got kicked out. My mom calls it her $40,000 sweatshirt."

How did he get kicked out of Boulder? "I just didn't go, ever," he said to Long about why he didn't finish his time at the college (take notes, students). He originally had begged his parents not to make him go to college but finally conceded, and got into Arizona State and CU Boulder. After a semester at Boulder, though, he realized it wasn't for him.

He's in good company. Fellow actor Robert Redford also attended CU Boulder for a year (according to and dropped out due to too much partying. He was also a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, which is still active today.

Who knew? You can listen to the full interview right here. 

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