DJ Akademiks says if Lil Baby were to ever go to court, he would testify against the Atlanta rapper. The blogger has come out to say this after his name appeared in two diss lines on Baby's new album, It's Only Me.

On Monday (Oct. 17), DJ Akademiks hit up his infamous Twitch channel in direct response to the bars Lil Baby dropped about the hip-hop commenter on his new songs, "From Now On" featuring Future and "Top Priority." As part of a lengthy rant aimed at Lil Baby's call-outs, Ak says that he would not hesitate to head into a courtroom and snitch on the "In a Minute" rhymer if the opportunity should ever arise.

"Y'all get locked up in a RICO, I'm in court saying, 'He said I can get touched,'" said Akademiks in the video clip below. "Real talk. Nigga, I'm showing up to court with a Walkman. That nigga said, 'Akademiks could get touched,' I'm in fear for my life. Judge, you know what to do. Bond denied."

From there, DJ Akademiks played an audio clip of Lil Baby's interview with The Breakfast Club on Monday, during which Baby answered questions about why he mentioned Ak in lines like "Akademiks, niggas think they can't get touched/I don't be on computers much, Ced turned me onto YouTube/I keep tryin' to tell ’em, I'm different from what they used to," which can be heard on "Top Priority."

The Atlanta native explained that while he did mention Akademiks by name, he was taking aim at the internet's keyboard warriors as a whole rather than presenting the Twitch user with a direct threat.

“I said, ‘Akademiks, niggas think they can't get touched,’ meaning somebody that be on the computer all day, it wasn’t really saying him,” Lil Baby told The Breakfast Club.

In response, Ak used his platform to clown the "Staying Alive" spitter.

"What you mean 'meaning,' nigga?" said Akademiks. "What type of touching are we talking about, nigga? Are you trying to fondle me? Wait, is this nigga trying to fondle me? Talking about meaning. No, no, no, ain't no meaning."

While "Top Priority" is the song in which Lil Baby implied that internet personalities like Ak think "they can't get touched," Baby also mentioned the Twitch streamer's name on "From Now On" featuring Future. This time, he threw shots at Akademiks regarding his financial situation in comparison to that of his own.

"Akademiks know he ain't as rich as me," Lil Baby spits. "Brodie ready to eat for a 20 piece/I ain't got nothin’ to say to you mini-mes."

Elsewhere in the aforementioned rant on the Twitch stream, DJ Akademiks doubled down on some references to Fulton County, Ga. District Attorney Fani Willis in regards to Lil Baby that he made on Twitter when he first heard the rapper drop his name on the new album. Ak says that since he perceives Baby's rhymes as a not-so-veiled threat, Willis may have probable cause to get involved.

"You're scared of Fani Willis, nigga," he continued. "Don't let me Charleston White y'all niggas. You're scared of Fani muthafuckin’ Willis. Fani, this is enough for a fuckin search warrant, nigga. Grab them computers and iPhones that nigga got. Facts."

The Fani Willis comments stem from a tweet Akademiks posted on Friday (Oct. 14), seemingly baffled by the fact that Lil Baby would drop his name rather than Willis or anyone else the "Drip Too Hard" spitter may have a problem with.

"Lil Baby dissed me instead of Fani Willis (DA of Fulton County) and his real ops," wrote DJ Akademiks. "What is rap music?"

Following his clarification on The Breakfast Club regarding the lyrics that mention Akademiks' name, Lil Baby has yet to respond to Ak saying that he would be willing to testify in a hypothetical courtroom situation.

XXL has reached out to Lil Baby's team for comment regarding the matter.

See DJ Akademiks Say He Would Testify Against Lil Baby If He Ever Goes to Court in the Video Below

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