The Denver Broncos are narrowing down a new owner, and one of the factors in who may best fit the team is if they'd be willing to help the Broncos get a new stadium to replace Empower Field at Mile High. Are some new digs coming?

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Denver Broncos Getting A New Stadium?

Growing up, I went to a handful of games at the Old Mile High Stadium in Denver to watch our Broncos play live. I went to a lot of Colorado Rockies games as a kid as well when they were there in 93 and 94 while Coors Field was built. It was old and run down, but the fans loved it. It was one of the loudest stadiums ever built! Fast forward to the Broncos winning back-to-back Superbowls in 1998 and 1999. Once at the top top of the mountain, it was decided that they needed a new stadium because Mile High Stadium was just too run down and outdated. It got to the point where the team was rumored to leave Denver if the new stadium was not approved. The voters approved the new stadium and Invesco Field was born in 2001. Fun fact, the very first big event to happen at the new stadium was an Eagles concert on August 1st, 2001. Now known as Empower Field at Mile High, the stadium is over two decades old, and while they've done a nice job at upgrading and keeping the stadium looking nice, some feel it's time for a whole new stadium.

At only 20 years old, to me, the thought of tearing down this beautiful stadium to spend about $2 BILLION dollars on a new one is crazy talk. Does it need upgrades and some love? Yes, any 20-year-old building does. But as seen in the video above, current Broncos President, Joe Ellis, told reporters that the stadium will be "issue number one on the owner's plate." The decision to build a brand new stadium, or put the money into the current stadium, a lot of money, will be one of the very first big decisions that will need to be addressed. It's not something I'd have thought would have been top of mind after the $4 billion investment in the team, but Ellis seems to think it'll need to be decided on "right away." Next question, where would it go? Maybe it can go where Elitches sits now if the rumored move ever happens.

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

I was there on Saturday and the concourses look excellent with all of the new upgrades. Great wi-fi which is huge for how fans use technology, the exterior of the stadium also looks great. But as you can see in the pic above, the seating area is starting to really rust and become incredibly worn. I didn't take a picture of my seat but it was busted, my dad's seat was broken as well. If I'm paying the money that those 50-yard line seats cost, I'd not be too happy with a  busted seat while trying to enjoy the game or other events. What would 75,000 new seats and roof cost? Probably far less than $2 billion, but maybe not. If Rob Walton, who is rumored to be in the top 5 new owner candidates, purchased the team, he may very want a brand new state-of-the-art stadium like his cousin (by marriage) Stan Kroenke has in Los Angeles. Rob is worth $70 Billion so what's $6-8 billion to him? Chump change, right?

New Head Coach, new franchise QB, new Owner, and maybe a new state-of-the-art stadium? What a time to be a Broncos fan.

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