The next time you visit the beauty of Carter Lake Reservoir, southwest of Loveland, be on the lookout for Bennet.

I've only been to Carter Lake a couple of times. With all the activities you can do there, I really should get up there more often. Next time I do visit, I guess I'll be on the lookout for a ghost.

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There are a lot of people that just don't like to be on the water; it gives them the 'willies.' A story about a haunted lake in Colorado isn't going to ease that fear, I fear. Carter Lake, outside of Loveland, is about three miles long and about one mile wide It's not a very large reservoir, but it doesn't have to be, to be haunted.

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Of course, there's more to the Carter Lake area than just being on or in the water boating, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, etc; there's also picnicking, camping, and rock climbing. Any one of those forms of recreation may find you encountering a known ghost in the area.

RELATED: LOVELANDERS SAY THESE 13 PLACES ARE HAUNTED has the story on how a man named Bennet, who lived in the area over 100 years ago, got into a heated argument over land and was shot and killed.  His ghost is said to wander along the roads wearing old-time clothing.

It can't be easy being a ghost at Carter Lake, with everybody out there having fun and you being stuck in the after-life. I guess you'd have to get your own entertainment by scaring a few folks, here and there, along the way.

I wonder, because there's no real information about it, who shot Bennet? That would make a great story.

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