Megan Thee Stallion has received a writing credit on Drake and 21 Savage's new album, Her Loss.  

On Friday (Nov. 4), the credit listing for Drake and 21 Savage's Her Loss album unveiled that despite not being featured on any of the album's songs, Megan Thee Stallion has earned a writer's credit on the joint project.

Shortly after Megan Thee Stallion's pointed clap back at Drake regarding his alleged diss aimed at Meg on the song, "Circo Loco," music industry sleuths uncovered the fact that under her government name, Megan Pete, the Houston rapper is actually noted as having contributed to the new album's intro track, "Rich Flex."

Megan being credited as one of the writers on "Rich Flex" is seemingly the result of a sequence of rhymes 21 Savage raps on the song which is considered to be an interpolation of Meg's 2020 single, "Savage." In a certain section of the song's first verse, 21 references himself by using the exact cadence and flow that Megan uses as the chorus on her multi-platinum hit.

"I'm a savage," raps 21 Savage. "Smack her booty in Magic/I'll slap a pussy nigga with a ratchet."

In addition to Megan Thee Stallion, two other individuals credited as co-writers on "Rich Flex," producer J. White Did It and songwriter Bobby Sessions, received the same accreditation as writers on Meg's chart-topping hit in question, "Savage."

While it's unclear as to whether or not Megan Thee Stallion contributed to "Rich Flex" in other ways, if she was paid for it or if she was even contacted at all ahead of Her Loss' release, the writing credit is particularly surprising given the fact that Meg feels as though she was dissed by Drake on the very same album.

In the early hours of Friday morning, the internet began buzzing over Drake's apparent accusation that Megan lied about allegedly getting shot by Tory Lanez back in 2020 on the song "Circo Loco." In response, the Traumazine spitter hit up Twitter with a lengthy tirade, seemingly implying that Drake is "lame" for using her "shooting for clout."

See Megan Thee Stallion Listed as a Writer on Drake and 21 Savage's "Rich Flex" Song Credits Below.

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