A rumor that Drake was arrested in Sweden has turned out to be false.

Late Thursday night (July 14), rumors began to swirl on social media that Drake had been taken into custody by Swedish authorities. According to unconfirmed reports, the rapper and his security were allegedly arrested at a night club on marijuana charges. XXL has confirmed with a rep for the rap star that the speculation is false.

Video came out online of Drizzy's plane, "Air Drake," landing in Sweden on Wednesday (July 13). It is unclear why he is in the country.

The Drake hive started going crazy when rumors first began floating around that Drizzy was behind bars, with "Free Drake" trending on Twitter.

"Never thought I’d see the day that free Drake is trending 😭😭," one person tweeted.

"Free drake don’t even sound real to say out loud like wtf is goin on inna world rn," someone else questioned.

"Fell to my knees in my room, tears are running down my eyes," one of the more extreme tweets about the alleged arrest reads. "This is worst than the death of my son i had in 2017. the world will burn if this is true. i am now running covered in blood screaming 'FREE DRAKE' in the streets till the lord hears me."

If true, it would have been the second time a famous rapper had been arrested in Sweden in the last few years, following A$AP Rocky's infamous arrest there in 2019, which turned into an international issue where then President Trump got involved.

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