Drake has seemingly responded to Pusha T's claim that the Virginia rapper had been banned from Canada.

On Sunday (May 22), OVO associate Chubbs posted a photo on Instagram of himself, Drake and an entourage of other individuals. He captioned the pic, "We Don’t Ban Niggaz We Welcome Them With Open Arms," followed by smiling devil and fingers crossed emojis.

Drake decided to chime in for himself. "Come on over," the OVO boss wrote in a comment along with a laughing emoji. While Drizzy or Chubbs never mentioned Push by name, it's quite obvious what they were referring to.

Drake appears to respond to Pusha T saying he had been banned from Canada
chubbsview via Instagram

As aforementioned, this came just over two weeks after Pusha T claimed on an episode of the Drink Champs podcast that he had been banned from the Great White North. “I’m banned from Canada. I can’t get back over there,” Push began, hesitantly. "I ain’t allowed to go back over there.”

"I went to my show [and] it was rowdy people at the show,” he later added. “I didn’t even get to the song. It got rowdy and I got on my way. It was cool.” The song he was referring to was his infamous Drizzy diss track "The Story of Adidon" where he exposed Drake having a child that the world didn't know about.

Later on in Pusha's Drink Champs interview, he said the beef with Drake was over as far as he is concerned. "There’s nothing for me to squash," he said. "I’ve done it all. I’m finished, I’m cool. Ain’t nothing for me to do."

Officially, however, the two rappers have never buried the hatchet man-to-man.

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