File this under "Do Things Like This Really Happen?"

The answer is apparently yes if you are an 18-year-old duck hunter who got stuck in chest-deep "quicksand" near Loveland on Tuesday according to The Coloradoan. 

The hunter was near the Simpson Ponds, in southeast Loveland, going through the muck to get his duck and that's when he became stuck.

Hang on.  Poetry break.

A hunter got stuck

Retrieving his duck

in the muck.  

While my 9th-grade English teacher would not be proud of that stanza, at least the hunter faired much better. I could only imagine how terrifying the ordeal must have been.

The hunter tried to pull himself from the muck but continued to sink further and further. Eventually, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority responded to the call around 8 a.m.

Crews were finally able to find him, gave him a rope and were able to pull him out of the muck. The man was rescued with a shotgun in one hand and a duck in the other. He was able to leave the area without injury and still had his duck.