Kevin Ross, the current mayor of Eaton, will replace Sean Conway as the Weld County Commissioner.

Conway resigned from the position in January due to his wife's health issues.

According to The Greeley TribuneRoss will hold the seat until the end of 2020, which is when Conway's term would have ended.

The Weld County Council chose Ross to fill the seat over four other candidates on Monday (February 17) evening after an extensive interview process.

He will be sworn in on either Tuesday (February 18) or Wednesday (February 19).

Ross was particularly passionate about the transportation situation in Weld County during his interview, focusing on the many roads that need improvements.

He also promised to protect the county's oil, gas, and agriculture industries, stating that he would "push back against the governor and others who fight against Weld County."

The council members who selected Ross for the position noted that he was the most transparent candidate during his interview.

"There is skillsets and experience that he brings to the table that I highly value," said Tonya Van Beber, the Weld County Council president. "I have personally witnessed and seen how he will take into account all the viewpoints."

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