A very successful breakfast/brunch restaurant that has two locations in Greeley and another in Cheyenne, now has it's first location in Loveland. Located off of Boise and Eisenhower, is the new Epic Egg.

It was in December of 2022 that it was announced that Epic Egg would be taking over the former location of Red Bear Cafe, which at one point was home to Loveland's Santiago's. This particular area of Loveland, Colorado, now brings you many food options.

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TSM/Dave Jensen

It was too bad that Red Bear Cafe couldn't make things work in this location, but I think Epic Egg is going to do just fine. They came in, really made-over the space, and have begun serving folks. I stopped in in late March of 2023, their second weekend of being open.

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The first thing I noticed that was great, is how they have a coffee cart set up for when you might have to wait for a table. That's very sensible. I absolutely helped myself to a cup (though it was not complimentary.)

Epic-Egg-Loveland-Colorado (7)
TSM/Dave Jensen

The owners of Epic Egg started out as owners of the very first The Egg & I franchise. In 2019, when First Watch began taking over The Egg & I locations, these folks were given the option of starting their own brand/restaurant, and that's what they did: Epic Egg.

They currently have two locations in Greeley (2305 W. 27th Street, 509A & 3830 W. 10th Street C-1) and one in Cheyenne (2300 Carey Ave;) this one in Loveland (1477 East Eisenhower) has a great feel about it, with several eating sections, including a counter. Behind that counter, is the first Epic Egg to have a "bartender" preparing their cocktails; at the other locations, the cocktails were prepared in the kitchen. While this is not a "full blown" bar, it is a "baby step" in that direction, according to the owner I spoke with that day.


Myself and a couple of friends dropped in for a late brunch on Saturday, March 26, 2023. We found the restaurant busy, but not crammed. It's open and bright, without having tables "on top of" each other, like at some other trendy breakfast/brunch spots in town.  I had the Flatiron Skillet, which was delicious. Their "rustic" potatoes are really tasty, as well.

With this area having The Breakfast Club, Santiago's, and Epic Egg in close proximity to one another, competition should breed great food and service. I look forward to all of them excelling.

Take a look at Loveland's Epic Egg:

Loveland's Epic Egg

Epic Egg, with two locations in Greeley and one in Cheyenne, has opened its first Loveland location.

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