Springtime in Colorado means it is time to start making those gardens look pretty, but have you ever gardened naked? One Colorado city is a Top 25 city to do that in.

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Colorado City Makes Top 25 List For Naked Gardening

We have a garden in the front of our house that was here when we moved in so we've continued to plant flowers there each season, but I wouldn't exactly call my wife and I gardeners. We for sure aren't at the level of loving it so much that we need to strip it down to take it to that next level. Maybe that would help make it more interesting?  Apparently, naked gardening is a thing, and one Colorado city landed on a Top 25 list of the best cities in the country to do it in. Garden naked, I mean.

Our pals at Lawnstarter dug deep, to expose the best cities for naked gardening and three Colorado cities made the Top 75, with one in the Top 25. To make their Top 100 list, they compared cities based on the nudest population, the legality of public nudity & toplessness, and gardner-friendliness. They also looked at weather conditions and with 300 days of sunshine each year, it's no wonder we had three cities on their list.

What Colorado Cities Are The Best To Garden Naked In?

Congrats to Colorado's capital city, Denver, who landed at #21 on Lawnstarters Top 100 list with an overall score of 53.47. Down the list from Denver was Colorado Springs at #72 with an overall score of 43.26, and Aurora at #74 with an overall score of 42.14. The Top 3 cities were Atlanta at #3, Orlando at #2, and Austin, Texas, at the very top of the list. I guess that's why they said "keep It weird" in Austin. Or something like that...

Now that you know how "great" our conditions are for naked gardening, is this now on your schedule for the weekend? My fences are too low and we have too many close neighbors, so it's a no from me, dawg. Happy gardening.

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