Money can't buy everything, but it can buy you your own place to ski, fish, and get away from it all just south of Telluride.

But what place would cost $3 million to join? The resort that only has 13 memberships available; because, you know, 14 would ruin everything.

The Colorado Sun recently did a story on how Cimmaron Mountain Club just sold it's last seven available home sites. Cimmaron resides in the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado, in an area about 82 miles southwest of Crested Butte.

This particular ski resort does not, and will not ever, have ski lifts; they use luxury snow cats, of course. According to the story, the Cimmaron feels that ski lifts and more people on the mountain are just not what the resort is about.

Each homeowner, paying around $3 million each, will have 35 acres to themselves, but they are limited to building a home no larger than 6,000 square feet on their property.

They do have luxury yurts that have hot tubs and full decks (not your usual run-of-the-mill yurts, by no stretch), a culinary staff and other 'money-can-only-buy' amenities.

What was that? This was supposed to be a ski resort and not just a luxury mountain area? There's definitely plenty of skiing; they boast 'more skiable terrain than Aspen mountain.' They even have 200 square miles of just 'heli-skiing' available.

Photos of the resort are hard to come by. It's private, remember, but at least we have the video below.

Source: [Colorado Sun]

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