Earlier this week, the Denver Broncos traded superstar player Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams and Coloradans understandably took that news really well. Just kidding! They're super upset. 

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Von Miller, a Super Bowl 50 MPV, eight time pro bowler and seven time all-pro, is a Bronco no more, swapping his navy blue and orange #58 jersey for a white and blue #40 jersey with the LA rams.

But, just because Miller is already on the West Coast doesn't mean his fans in the Mile High are ready to say goodbye because, damn, Von Miller fans go hard.

Though he's only been on the team for a few days, Miller was (immediately) reminded of where he came from. During his first day on the LA Rams' practice field, the linebacker spotted someone watching him — someone standing just over the fence, in a Von Miller Broncos jersey.

The only thing missing was a boombox playing 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel.

The photo was shared originally on Von Miller's Instagram story, and re-shared on Twitter by @DailyBroncos, where comments ranged from supportive to 'that's creepy.' When news broke of Miller's trade on Monday, November 1, Coloradans were quick to share their emotions (and disappointment) towards Denver's loss. Some fans even suggested retiring Miller's number.

Last weekend, the team finally broke its losing streak, and this Sunday (November 7), the Miller-less Denver Broncos will play an away game against the Dallas Cowboys; here's how we think they stack up.

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