Think about how important your pets are to you and your household. They are part of your family and when they hurt, you hurt, when something happens to them, you feel it deeply and when they escape to explore the world without you, you're concerned and understandably so.

That's what happened to a family in Castle Pines when some repairman were working on their home and doing some stuff inside and decided to take a lunch break. The wind apparently blew open a door and that's when the dog decided to take advantage of the opportunity at hand and explore the world on his own for a bit.

Catcher, the family's 3 year old dog was running super close to a busy road and that's when a Fed Ex driver sprung into action and put on his hero cape.

He managed to safely scoop up the dog and noticed the tags on the collar, put him in the truck and gave him a ride back to the home and delivered safely back to the Menzies family.

Security cams caught the heart warming moment that the Fed Ex driver brought the big bundle of fur up to the front door from his adventure of escaping and roaming around town.




Lisa Menzies, the owner of the dog has yet to be able to reach the delivery driver who was kind enough to get the dog, safely return the dog, let him in the house and close the door behind him.


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