A Colorado girl from Florissant - a town in the mountains northwest of Colorado Springs - has gone viral on TikTok, across other social media and even was recently on the Today Show for her skills in fashion design. And she's only nine years old!

Kaia Aragon was taught to sew by her mother when she was just five. She had her first sewing machine at the age of seven. And just a couple short years later, she now has over a hundred million views on TikTok and, according to her mother, is cranking out on average one new dress - designed, sewn and modeled - each and every day.

It started with making a bed for her cat. Then she made a wallet. And before her mother knew it, she was off to the races as the next great fashionista, making dozens of dresses and catching worldwide recognition as a pretty darn good designer, for any age.

In fact, one admirer is someone you might have heard of before: style icon Vera Wang. Yeah, that one. As in the world renowned fashion designer, whose name you've no doubt heard across countless red carpets for huge events over the last few decades.

Wang commented on a TikTok video that Kaia's mother posted about one of Kaia's designs, and actually sent her a new sewing machine as a gift, plus a note telling Kaia she was "so excited to see you are already pursuing your dream of becoming a fashion designer."

On her Today Show appearance, Kaia said that she was "so excited" to hear from Wang, especially when she was told just how big of a deal she is in the fashion world.

Kaia Aragon... remember that name and listen for it at an awards show coming soon to a television near you!

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