There's definitely something cathartic about telling a secret anonymously: What secrets will citizens of the Fort Collins area be 'revealing?'


Secrets are the basis of a phenomenal website based in Maryland. Over a decade ago, Frank Warren came up with his idea: Posting people’s volunteered secrets on the web. He started by sending out 3,000 blank postcards, inviting folks to submit their secrets. Today, with updates every Sunday, is the largest ad-free website in the world. Millions of people visit the site to read- other people's secrets!

Warren told BuzzFeed that the postcards and secrets bring us all closer together:

They’re all expressing the same taboos and longing and heartbreak and hope. We think that secrets separate us and make us different. But if you find the courage to share them, we shatter that illusion. We see that secrets aren’t walls; they’re bridges.

The website has grown in popularity so much that it now has a traveling production: 'PostSecret - The Show.' Actors 'guide' the audience through the postcards - Secrets on postcards ranging from shocking, to silly, to soulful. That show is coming to the Lincoln Center February 9, 2018.

As part of the Fort Collins run of PostSecret - The Show, Fort Collins-area residents were offered the opportunity to submit THEIR secrets on a postcard for a local PostSecret exhibit. Those secrets will be on display in the Lincoln Center gallery from January 12 through February 24.

Warren's initial project has brought in over $1M towards suicide prevention; which correlates with the Fort Collins run of the show, as February is Mental Health Awareness Month. During February, the Lincoln Center will have several free mental health awareness events.

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