Snowbank Brewing has been getting the cold shoulder from many people recently due to a typo on a label for one of their new beers.

According to 9 News, 7,000 cans of Snowbank's Apres Ski Lager were printed to say the special brew included "Seal Salt" when actually, the beverage does NOT have anything to do with seals, but only "SEA salt."

Wow, what a difference one letter makes.

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After ordering and receiving the pallets of beer, Snowbank Brewing co-owner Dave Rosso said the cans looked great, the colors were spot-on and they were excited to unveil their product, BUT...the cans, made for Snowbank's new flagship pale lager marked with subtle hints of a Persian lime puree and pink Himalayan sea salt, had an extra letter on their labels.

Understandably, the letter made all the difference and raised some eyebrows after the can listed "seal salt" as one of the ingredients instead of "sea salt."

Hey, accidents happen, so do typos. So, to make sure there weren't any hard feelings, the good folks at Snowbank Brewing donated $900 (which would've been the cost to rewrap all of the cans with one less letter) to the World Land Trust, an agency dedicated to purchasing land to save the wildlife that live there.

Luckily, this incident was an honest mistake that we can look back on and laugh about, and one made good by a very generous donation. Well done, Snowbank Brewing.

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