The brewery that produces 'Sad Panda' has something to smile about, as Larimer County saluted their environmental efforts during the pandemic.

If you're familiar with Horse & Dragon Brewing, it comes as no surprise that they'd be heralded for their environmental efforts. It's the kind of brewery that harkens back to 'old school' microbreweries: Earth-conscious, worldly folks.

Larimer County recently awarded Horse & Dragon one of its 'Environmental Stewardship' Awards for 2021. The brewery earned the accolades by doing something worthwhile and good for the environment when they had to shut down during the pandemic.

They had a lot of expired beer and unsold beer on their hands, and instead of dumping it, where it would have had to be processed by the wastewater treatment system, they donated all of it to local farms and gardens within Larimer County.

By doing so, according to Larimer County, Horse & Dragon:

..helped inoculate compost piles while jump-starting the composition process and improving the quality of the compost..

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One of Horse & Dragon's missions is 'sustainability,' they entered the industry to not just make great beer, but to be a strong supporter of the Fort Collins community, by using environmentally sound practices, such as donating unused/expired beer.

Source: [Reporter-Herald]

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