If you're going to make a list of "things," this would be a pretty good one to land on. Fort Collins, Loveland and Denver - in addition to a few other Colorado towns - have all been listed in the Top 50 cities for "Beer Drinking" in the United States by the survey gurus at SmartAsset.com.

The criteria are pretty detailed for determining which cities make the cut and which do not, including total number of breweries in a given city, number of breweries per 100,000 population and the ever-important metric of how many beers each brewery serves.

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Based on their criteria, Fort Collins came in at a whopping 6th spot on the list of The Best Beer Drinking Cities in America.

The Choice City apparently provides just that, with 23 breweries in town and the 9th most breweries per 100,000 residents, or 13.7 per 100,000.

Perhaps the most impressive stat for Fort Collins is that its breweries collectively average an impressive 107.7 different beers per establishment, the fourth highest average overall.

Last year, Fort Collins was ranked just outside the top ten at number 12.

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Speaking of 12th place, Denver is the next highest Colorado city on the list, ranking #12 with 81 total breweries.

Eleven breweries per 100,000 residents and an average of 103.1 beers per brewery puts Denver in mile-high status, especially compared to most other major metro areas on the list.

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But look out Denver, here comes Loveland, entering the top cities list at number 20.

That's right, Loveland isn't just Fort Collins' little step-sibling city anymore. Now with 10 breweries, amounting to 12.0 per 100,000 residents, Loveland is beginning to make quite the name for itself nationally among beer drinkers.

On average, Loveland breweries offer 51.5 different beers to its patrons. While that's less than half of what the Fort Collins breweries offer, if 51 beers to choose from isn't enough, I'm not sure you're ever going to be satisfied.

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Other Colorado cities inside the Top 50 include Longmont at #38 and Colorado Springs at #41.

Longmont's got 12.2 breweries per 100,000 residents and averages 74.8 beers per brewery.

Finally, Colorado Springs has only 5.8 breweries per 100,000 residents and averages 60.8 different selections to choose from.

Find the entire Top 50 and read up on their methodology -- it's scientific! -- at SmartAsset.com.

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