We can agree with half of that... Best places to live in Colorado? Sure (though we may be biased). But, most affordable? We're going to need to see some numbers to back that up, please. 

According to MarketWatch, Fort Collins, Loveland and Longmont top the list of the best, attainable places to live in Colorado.

Livability generated this list by identifying the most affordable places to live in the state (as determined by cost of housing, transportation, food, utilities and other key components of a household budget), and then factoring in important subjective considerations, looking for the kinds of neighborhoods, schools, and employment and leisure opportunities that encourage a prosperous future. - MarketWatch

Based on that, Fort Collins took the number one spot. While I love Fort Collins, my rent certainly doesn't say 'affordable place to live,' however, according to Livability, it is. Loveland is right behind at number two on the list.

You can read more via MarketWatch here.

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