If you asked me where I thought Fort Collins' most pricey homes were, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you it's Mountain Ave. near City Park. But, it turns out that I would be wrong.


With the sky-high real estate prices (and rent) that come with any Fort Collins home these days, you would assume that the turn-of-the-century dream homes surrounding the (unarguably) most charming part of Fort Collins would absolutely have the most '0s' behind their value.

Well, you'd kind of not be wrong, I guess. Those homes don't come at a bargain by any means, but, according to Neighborhood Scout, the most expensive 'hood to live in is actually way on the other side of town, near Highway 392 and the Fossil Creek Reservoir in southwest Fort Collins.

In second, it says, Sheilds and Harmony -- really? Really. The downtown neighborhoods (W. Mulberry/N. Shields) were actually ranked fifth and sixth most expensive, with Old Town Fort Collins (College/Remington) not even making it into the top-ten most pricey, believe it or not.

Click on the infographic below to see the full map if you don't believe me, because I wouldn't believe me either.

Neighborhood Scout

Carole Newberry/Caldwell Banker