Ten different cities across the country have been selected to participate in PeopleForBikes’ Big Jump Project, and Fort Collins is one of them. The goal of the Big Jump Project is to get more people on bikes within a three year period – and by the amount of Coloradans who already choose this as a mode of transportation, it shouldn't be too hard of a challenge here in the Fort. By radically improving bicycle infrastructure and making smart changes in the city, PeopleForBikes hopes that it will encourage more people to pedal, in turn making communities become better places to live, work and play.


The first initiative that Fort Collins has taken towards the Big Jump Project, is building five, brand new miles of bikeway for less than one million dollars. The Pitkin Bikeway caters to bicyclists by incorporating things like toucan crossings and neighborhood routes for a safe, low-stress biking network. Community organizations will also be holding various events that focus on the city's bicycle culture, such as family-friendly bike rides, Open Streets, smart cycling classes, and bike to work days held throughout the year. A neighborhood bicycle ambassador program is also in the works. Residents can take this short survey to submit their own input to help develop a bicycling baseline.

The other cities picked to participate in the Big Jump Project are Austin, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Memphis, New Orleans, New York City, Portland, Providence, and Tuscon.

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