Forgive us, but we're about to break the first rule of Fight Club. Fort Collins Police said that there is growing concern about 'popup fight clubs' in local parks recently.

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According to a post of Fort Collins Police Services' Facebook page, authorities say it's a dangerous trend that is picking up with teens on social media, like SnapChat. Word of a fight's location and time will be shared through social media, and then teens gather in parks and get into physical fights. Obviously, Fort Collins Police fear that kids are going to get hurt, or worse, during one of these fights.

'Officers will be spending extra time patrolling around parks to support the safety of our community members,' Fort Collins Police Services said.

Fort Collins Police encourage teens and parents to report suspicious activity to their non-emergency line, or call 911 if they see one of these fights happening. Teens can also use Safe2Tell to anonymously report.

This isn't the first social media trend to cause concern in schools since this year started just over a month ago. Recently, the 'stealing stalls' bathroom vandalism trend also rose to popularity in schools, causing thousands of dollars of damage. Loveland High School reportedly had an entire bathroom stall stolen, while Thompson Valley High School (also in Loveland) closed its bathrooms entirely, according to parents. You can read more about that trend here.

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