Fort Collins police officers will receive the Bill Daniels True Blue Award on Thursday (August 1) for their work with scam victims, according to a press release from Fort Collins Police Services.

The award is given to officers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming who go above and beyond to help the communities they serve.

In this case, Fort Collins officers exceeded expectations when helping scam victims.

The first officer being honored is Officer Rob Knab, who received an email from a mother and daughter who had been scammed on May 4th. The pair was planning to adopt a puppy, and needed to raise enough money in time to purchase it before the seller gave it to someone else.

In order to raise the money, the daughter sold all of her electronics online. Unfortunately, the electronics were stolen, the money she earned was pawned, and she was unable to get the puppy.

In response, Knab reached out to city agencies in Fort Collins for donations to replace the girl's stolen property. A colleague called Knab's actions "...exemplary of the values we strive for as an Agency."

Officers Scott Maher and Kelsey Skaar are also being honored for their work against a scam that occurred on July 2, 2018.

The officers received a call from a woman who was in the process of moving out, only to find that another family had moved in when she went back to the residence.

The family said they had rented the home from a landlord, to whom they had already paid $2,000 in rental fees. The landlord turned out to be a scammer, and left the family without a home.

Quickly realizing that the family could not handle the monetary loss, Maher and Skaar found the family a hotel to stay in and started a GoFundMe to recover the money. After raising $5,000 for the family, a fellow employee praised the officers for acting with "...compassion and selflessness to go above and beyond for a family in desperation.

The awards ceremony for the officers will take place this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Fort Collins Police Community Room.

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