In late February of 2022, a Fort Collins Police Services Officer was nearly seriously injured when a car ran a light and careened into his cruiser.

This officer was lucky to get home to his family uninjured after this driver was either distracted or impaired, missing him by just a few inches and crashing into his cruiser. Fort Collins Police Services released the video to implore citizens to take better care.

A lot of things could have gone much worse, that night; most notably the driver could have hit the officer and not just the vehicle. Pedestrians could have been injured, the driver could have been seriously hurt. On the bright side, none of those things did happen.

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The officer was out of his cruiser attending to some sort of situation, when this driver ran a red light; the driver doesn't appear to be slowing down as they approach the officer and his car. A second later, the officer is startled by the noise behind him, finding the errant car bouncing off the back of his cruiser.

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Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) Chief Swoboda said of the video:

I'm so grateful that nobody was hurt and hope this video serves as a sobering warning to everyone who sees it. If you're behind the wheel, you're responsible for the safety of those in and around your vehicle.

FCPS also listed six things the citizens of Fort Collins (and all of us) can do to turn this incident into a conversation about being safer on the roads:

  • Talk about how you can make our roads safer through your own actions.
  • Promise each other to never drive under the influence.
  • Program a number to call or set up a rideshare app on your phone so you're prepared if you can't safely drive.
  • Make a commitment out loud to stop texting and driving.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • Lead by example.

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