A local scam is taking over Fort Collins and FCPS is warning residents to take caution.

In a message this morning on their Facebook page, Fort Collins Police Services told residents that there is a man calling locals claiming to be Officer DeKraker, demanding that residents pay him to avoid getting arrested for jury duty.

FCPS said:

This is a scam! We do have an Officer DeKraker, but he's busy doing real work today. Scammers periodically pick the name of a real officer and call around trying to get people to pay in gift cards, wired money, etc. Don't fall for it! Hang up immediately, even if the caller ID says Fort Collins Police (scammers can "spoof" phone numbers to look like they're coming from a legitimate source).

If you'd rather play it on the safe side, you can still call the police to make sure you don't have any outstanding business. FCPS offered up the number on their post, which they recommend you call before giving money to anyone over the phone: 970-419-FCPD(3273).

In the meantime, just do what I do: stick to texting, folks.

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