Remember when meteorologists used to say "its going to be a scorcher out there"?

Well, I didn't know it then but it turns out I've been waiting my whole life to say that. So here it is, for the better part of July, its going to be a scorcher out there.

Thursday was the eighth straight day with temperatures in the 90's in Fort Collins and its expected to stay that way for the next two weeks, according to the AccuWeather.

Historically, the average temperature for this time of year has been around 87 degrees. Nobody would argue that 2020 has been bringing the heat and it looks like the weather this Summer is no exception.

The hottest stretch of 90-degree weather in Fort Collins last July lasted five days, from July 26-30 in 2019. Temperatures are expected to reach 101 degrees this Friday, per the National Weather Service.

Did someone say climate change? I wonder what next Summer will be like.

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