Joseph Heneghan was reportedly playing his music too loudly, and when police showed up at his Fort Collins residence, he says, they entered his home illegally. Now, the City of Fort Collins is paying up $150,000 to settle the case.


According to multiple sources, including KDVR and The Denver Post, Fort Collins Police Officer Aaron Westby entered a home without a warrant after Heneghan would not show his I.D.

Now, the City of Fort Collins has agreed to settle this case with $150,000.

On one hand, I'm not justifying or condoning the alleged police misconduct or brutality here, and I understand that a warrant is required in order to enter a home, but it seems things escalated a bit too quickly.

On the other hand, why wouldn't Heneghan wouldn't simply hand over his I.D. and turn down his music? It seems like all of this could have been avoided pretty easily.

On the OTHER other hand -- would you take a hit of pepper spray to the face for $150K? I think some people would.

The Coloradoan shared a link to a YouTube audio recording posted by Heneghan, so you can hear it for yourself here.

According to The Denver Post, charges against Heneghan were dropped in August, and Fort Collins Police are still investigating Officer Westby. Read the full story here.

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