A Colorado photographer captured the playful joy of baby foxes in the spring sunshine.

Molly McCormick is an award-winning wildlife photographer who has traveled the world in search of views others can only dream about. According to her website, she currently resides in Denver and lives for the outdoors.

If she's not exploring the mountains, she can be found enjoying local Colorado coffee houses, or listening to local live music.

In the interview below, we asked Molly about her coolest experience while taking photographs. She told us about a wild trip she took to Tanzania, where a baboon ran up and jumped though the open back window of the Jeep she was in. The monkey had one mission in mind: To "get the banana" Molly had brought for lunch. As Molly spun around in her seat, she locked eyes with the baboon. They kept eye contact as he casually opened her lunchbox and stole her banana, right before her eyes. At the very least, we've got to give him points for sheer grit.

Watch or listen to the full interview below:


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