Sure, you'll never make as much money as those high-salary players, but you can make a fair amount as an umpire. It's free and they're even giving out scholarships to really learn.

Ever imagine being one of those umpires at a major league game? It has to be pretty darn nice, most of the time: Sunny days, baseball, and the occasional tussle with a manager.

The minimum salary for a MLB umpire is $150,000; to me, that is great pay. I've given it thought a time or two, of giving it a shot. How about you?  You'd get to travel, (Hey, Cleveland has some pretty nice things, really!) You'd get to make new friends, and you'd get to be a part of hundreds of thousands of people seeing America's game.

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This free camp at Coors Field will be a way of getting your foot on the field, so to speak, in becoming a legit MLB umpire. No umpire experience is necessary. None.

Whether it's your first day on the field or you have been ringing batters up for 30 years, you are bound to learn something new from our incredible staff.

Sounds intriguing.. You don't even have to wear cleats. Flat bottomed shoes, is all they are requiring.

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The cost of full-on professional training starts at $2,450 (basic commuter) up to $4,150 (all inclusive with meal plan.) At this Denver camp, they will be looking for the right candidates to receive scholarships to offset the costs.

Since 2006, over 130 people that have gone to one of these free camps have gone on to work as professional umpires; like I said, the average pay for an MLB umpires is $150,000.

In any case, on this day, you get to hang out with MLB professionals, throw the ball around at Coors Field, and maybe make some new friends that also love baseball.

MLB Umpire Camp at Coors Field

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