I mean, if you want to put needles near your body on a day known for bad luck, be our guest! You can get pierced for a steal today at these Fort Collins locations.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Nah, they're professionals -- you'll be fine. Freakshow Tattoo, Rocksteady Tattoo and Covenant Tattoo are offering 'all conventional piercings above the belt' for $13 today. This includes the jewelry and aftercare products, too. It does not include dermal piercings or, you know, down there.

Covenant Tattoo is only honoring the promotion at its 'sister shop' locations, Freakshow Tattoo; 1232 W. Elizabeth Street, and RockSteadyTattoo; 824 S. College Avenue. 

Story of My Life Tattoo on Laurel is also offering up something fun for Friday the 13th -- Themed tattoos. Check it out:

Story of My Life Tattoo via Facebook.com