This Sunday closes out football season. We are sad to see it go, but let's be completely honest here... We don't really care since our Denver Broncos aren't in it.

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We took home the Lombardi last season and I got to go to the rally in Denver...

Matt Sparx/TSM

so I'm content for now! Just because our team isn't in it doesn't mean that I am not going to watch the game. My good friend and coworker, Justin, is a Patriots fans, so I will be cheering his team on during the game this year. Now... To the food. You can't have a football party without green chile and that is exactly what I'll be making this year!

According to, game day foods have been broken down by state. Now, I have to admit some of these made me say "WTf, why?" to myself when reading these. So here goes:

Colorado: Chicken and Waffles... Really? No greene chile, no care.

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Arizona, Indiana, Delaware, Missouri: Pizza


Connecticut: Steak (Too much work for me on game day)

Ben6 thinkstock

Georgia: Hashbrowns... weird, but whatever

I couldn't find a photo of hashbrowns to post... Use your imagination.

Kansas, Mississippi & Maine, Montana: Eggs Benedict (Am I the only one who thinks this is an odd dish for game day?)

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Massachusetts: Hot Wings

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New Mexico:  Onion Rings (From the land of the green chile, this really surprises me)



Check out all 50 states HERE and get some good ideas for the big game day this weekend!