There are so many commercials for sports betting yelling at us all the time. It became legal in Colorado as of May 1, 2020. The numbers are in and they show that Coloradoans very much enjoy gambling, including the new option to bet on sports.
The Colorado gaming revenue reports are out for October:
  • October Total Sports Betting Handle $210,719,821, up 1.5% from September
  • October Mobile Sports Betting Handle $206,441,153, up 1.3% from September
  • October Revenue (GGR) $17,402,40, up 317.7% from September
  • October Total Sports Betting Taxes $824,700, up 1,082% from September
  • October Casino Total AGP $65,230,526, up .4% from September
  • October Total Gaming Taxes $9,001,564, up 14% from September
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