In addition to everything pumpkin, apple-based items, like cider, donuts, and the fruit itself, are a favorite fall flavor for many people out there.

Fortunately for apple lovers in Northern Colorado, Longmont's YA YA Farm and Orchard is the ultimate place to find this fall fix.

The century-old farm specializes in heirloom apples and allows guests to pick the fruit right off of trees in their large orchard. YA YA Orchard sits on eight acres and is home to 1,000 fruit trees – mostly apple, but some cherry, plum, and pear trees too. The owners recently added grapes, blackberries, and raspberries to the grounds for more fruit harvesting options. Besides the you-pick-it opportunities, YA YA's also has a seasonal farm stand that's stocked with freshly picked apples, delicious apple cider donuts, apple pies, apple cider, apple butter, honey, and more.

Skylar Zilka/Unsplash
Skylar Zilka/Unsplash

Other family-oriented fall activities are also featured at the farm. Guests are encouraged to spend time with the resident farm animals, which include ducks, peacocks, mini donkeys, chickens, and beautiful Percheron draft horses.

The horses actually play an important role at the farm by assisting with ranch work and are also eating the apples that are picked up off the orchard floor. They are also responsible for the name YA YA; cowboys say this to their horses when they want them to giddy up. Before apples were the focus of the farm, the horses were, which is how the orchard's name originated.

Visitors can bring their own picnic to the grounds if they wish to as well.

The Front Range farm does not charge an admission fee, but reservations for apple picking must be made ahead of time. Another awesome autumn activity happening at the Orchard is AppleFest, being held this year on October 23. Gourd painting is also taking place at the end of October.

YA YA Farm and Orchard is located one mile west of the intersection of 75th Street and Highway 66. Visitors driving west on 66 will find the farm on the south side, after taking the second driveway after the water treatment plant. Red flags will help to lead the way.

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