Gillie Da Kid has called out people who have been posting videos and photos of Migos rapper Takeoff's tragic death.

On Tuesday (Nov. 1), Gillie Da Kid hit up Instagram with a pointed message for anyone who posted photos and videos of Takeoff's final moments following the senseless shooting in Houston that left the 28-year-old Atlanta rapper dead on the scene. The Million Dollaz Worth of Game rapper-turned-podcaster put certain social media users and blog sites completely on blast, accusing people who posted the horrific videos and photos of attempting to capitalize on Takeoff's heartbreaking situation.

"Why every time something happen to a rapper or an athlete or an entertainer or anybody of color, the first thing you niggas do is pull your fuckin’ phones out and start recording, and post that shit on the internet, man?" screamed Gillie Da Kid in the video clip below. "You niggas is clowns for that shit, man. Y'all niggas is clowns for that shit, man. The last image a muthafucka want to see is they peoples laying on the ground bleeding the fuck out, man. Niggas be having mommas, kids, grandmommas, uncles, aunties, that's some dumb shit, man. But the first thing y'all niggas do is pull y'all phone out. 'Oh, look at such and such.' That shit ain't cool, man. For real, man. That nigga just lost his life and you niggas is tryin’ to get likes. Tell me how that shit add up, man?"

From there, Gillie turned his attention to blogs and publications that have also published harrowing video footage and images of the fallen Only Built for Infinity Links rapper.

"And all you blog sites, y'all niggas is out of pocket, man," continued Gillie. "Y'all niggas be tryin’ to get clickbait. You niggas is suckas, man. That man laying on the ground, he bleeding out and niggas recording it and posting that shit on the internet, man. Y'all niggas is clowns for that shit."

Before ending his passionate rant, Gillie Da Kid once again expressed his utter disappointment in those who chose to take advantage of Takeoff's passing before sending his utmost sympathies to the Atlanta native's loved ones, Migos and other Quality Control Music business partners.

He added: "I'm telling you, man, this the reason I be hating niggas. I'm telling you, man, it just be us. I be hating niggas. Shout-out to fuckin’ Takeoff, man. Rest in peace, shout-out to his family, man. We send our condolences to y'all from Million Dollaz Worth of Game. Shout-out to QC, shout-out to P, shout-out to Coach, the Migos, everybody, man. Hold y'all head, man. But y'all niggas gotta stop that shit, man. That shit is not cool. Rest in peace, man. Takeoff, love ya, neph."

Gillie Da Kid's seemingly justified lecture to social media users comes directly following the news that Takeoff, one-third of the Migos, was gunned down at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston on Tuesday around 2:30 a.m. CST. Born Kirshnik Khari Ball, the late 28-year-old rapper had been reportedly playing a dice game along with his uncle and partner in rhyme, Quavo, among others. Following an alleged altercation, Takeoff was reportedly shot in either the head or neck region. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Two more people were reportedly hit during the shooting and driven to the hospital. As of press time, their status is unknown.

See Gillie Da Kid Call Out People Posting Takeoff Death Videos and Photos in the Clip Below

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