Patrons are fighting to save the beloved 'geek bar' after it unexpectedly closed last week. A team has started a GoFundMe to help the bar pay the Department of State and reopen for business.

The bar has been a popular spot in Fort Collins since 2015, and reportedly closed over unpaid back taxes.

'Unfortunately, with the DoS, there is no room for negotiations or second chances,' the GoFundMe reads. 'The only remaining option to keep D&D open is to pay the full amount of taxes that are due.'

The organizers have set a goal of $60,000 and are already over a third of the way there, however they have a limited amount of time to reach that goal.

'This is going to be an all or nothing GoFundMe, if we can't make our goal there is no way to stay open and we will be shutting our doors and make sure everyone's money is refunded.'

If you would like to see the gamer bar, which is female and veteran-owned, reopen in Fort Collins, you can support the GoFundMe here.

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